Who We Are

The Wildwood Historical Society is a local non-profit founded in 1999. This independent Society collects, Preserve the history of the historic Meramec Township – the area that roughly became the City of Wildwood in 1995. The Society, in the past and currently, works on selected projects in conjunction with the City of Wildwood’s Historical Preservation Committee. The Wildwood Historical is completely supported by its members and volunteers.

Originally, the Society’s monthly meetings were held in the Fellowship Hall of Bethel Methodist Church in Pond, Missouri. In November 2009, the Wildwood Historical Society was able to purchase the historic Hencken Family Homestead. It is on this historic property that houses the Society’s Museum, Library and Meeting Hall. The Society’s monthly meetings and events have been held here since late 2009. The acreage is also home to the original Hencken Family home, the original portion dates from 1852. The Hencken Home is listed on the City of Wildwood’s Register of Historic Places.

If you are interesting in joining you are welcome to visit out monthly meetings and events. The organization usually has a ongoing monthly presentation every third Tuesday of the month.


Wildwood Historical Society has a Museum chronicling the rich history of our area.  Please have a visit!

WHS meets monthly in the in our grand hall affectionally known as “The Chicken Coop”.

Did you know Wildwood Historical Society has a been collecting artifacts and documents associated going as far back as the 17th century.  Please schedule a visit with our archivist to see first hand.